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The Society of Spectacle (Guy Debord)

Debord_SocietyofSpectacle“A critical theory of the kind presented here needed no changing not
as long, at any rate, as the general conditions of the long historical period that it was the first to describe accurately were still intact. The continued unfolding of our epoch has merely confirmed and further illustrated the theory of the spectacle. The reiteration of this theory may also be considered historical in a less elevated sense, for it testifies to what was the most extreme position taken up during the confrontations of 1968, and hence to what it was possible to know by then. The biggest dupes of that time have since received a clear object lesson in the form of their own shattered existences as to what exactly was meant by the ‘negation of life become visible,’ by the ‘loss of quality’ associated with the commodity form or by the ‘proletarianization of the world.'” (lifted from the Preface to the third French edition)

Download: The Society of Spectacle