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Mga Dakilang Guro

mgadakilangguro“Bakit mahalagang pag-aralan ang buhay ng dakilang mga gurong komunista? Mahalagang pagaralan ang buhay ng mga dakilang gurong komunista,sina Karl Marx, Frederik Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin at Mao Zedong, dahil itinuturo nila ang taus-pusong pagmamahal sa kapwa nang walang pagsasaalang-alang sa sarili – isang diwa ng ganap na di pagkamakasarili. Ipinamalas ng kanilang naging buhay ang walang hanggang pagpapahalaga sa kanilang gawain sa pagtataguyod ng proletaryong rebolusyon, at sa kanilang gabundok na pagmamalasakit sa lahat ng kasamang rebolusyonaryo at mamamayan.” (mula sa introduksyon)

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The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx (Alex Callinicos)

Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx - cvr“My aim in this book has been to fill a gap in the literature on Marx by providing an accessible modern introduction to his life and thought by someone who shares his basic beliefs on history, society and revolution. I am grateful to a number of people for their help and encouragement: to Peter Clark and Tony Cliff, who had the idea in the first place; to Tony Cliff for his searching criticisms of the book in manuscript; and to Peter Goodwin and Peter Marsden, who performed the same task as well as the more difficult one of trying to make the book readable. Although the general political standpoint taken in this book is that of the Socialist Workers Party, the errors it undoubtedly contains are all my own. I would like to dedicate The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx to Joanna Seddon, to whom I owe, among other things, such knowledge as I have of the Utopian socialists.” (Foreword)

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A Companion to Marx’s Capital (David Harvey)

book-companion-to-marxs-capital“My aim is to get you to read a book by Karl Marx called Capital, Volume I, and to read it on Marx’s own terms. 1 This may seem a bit ridiculous, since if you haven’t yet read the book you can’t possibly know what Marx’s terms are; but one of his terms, I can assure you, is that you read, and read carefully. Real learning always entails a struggle to understand the unknown. My own readings of Capital, collected in the present volume, will prove far more enlightening if you have read the pertinent chapters beforehand. It is your own personal encounter with this text that I want to encourage, and by struggling directly with Marx’s text, you can begin to shape your own understanding of his thought.” (quoted from David Harvey’s Introduction)

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Manifesto of the Communist Party (Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels)

“Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as communistic by its opponents in power? Where is the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of communism, against the more advanced opposition parties, as well as against its reactionary adversaries?” (Marx and Engels)

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