Rizal’s “Tagalische Verskunst” Revisited: Mistaken Conjectures and an Annotated Transcription (Ramon Guillermo)

“In 2005, I had the opportunity to consult the published version of Rizal’s “tagalische Verskunst” (TVKp) (Rizal 1887; Cf. Figures 1a, 1b and 1c) available at the library of the University of Hamburg, Germany. I decided to compare it with the published Spanish translation entitled “Arte métrica del Tagalog” (AMTp) (Rizal 1996) which Rizal had translated himself. After a close inspection, I was surprised to see that a section of text in AMTp under the subhead “Strophes” (Estrofas) diverged in various details from the corresponding one in TVKp. Moreover, I noticed that this section of text merely repeated or mirrored, sentence by sentence, albeit with various revisions, the section of text immediately following it which seemed to follow the text of TVKp more closely. This phenomenon of two adjacent sections closely mirroring or repeating each other does not appear in TVKp itself. The section in TVKp corresponding to these two repeating sections in AMTp only appear once.” (from the introduction)

Download: Ramon Guillermo – Tagalische Verskunst Revisited

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