Imaginary and Symbolic in Lacan: Marxism, Psychoanalytic Criticism, and the Problem of the Subject (Fredric Jameson)

“The attempt to coordinate a Marxist and a Freudian criticism confronts but as it were explicitly, thematically articulated in the form of a problem-a dilemma that is in reality inherent in all psychoanalytic criticism as such: that of the insertion of the subject, or, in a different terminology, the difficulty of providing mediations between social phenomena and what must be called private, rather than even merely individual, facts. Only what for Marxist criticism is already overtly social-in such questions as the relationship of the work to its social or historical context, or the status of its ideological content-is often merely implicitly so in that more specialized or conventional psychoanalytic criticism which imagines that it has no interest in extrinsic or social matters.” (excerpt)

Download: Jameson, Fredric – Imaginary And Symbolic In Lacan

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